keys: number, crash, complexity, acceleration, critical point, combinatorial explosion, runaway, catastrophe theory, singularity theory, security, terror, biocapital

A Number.

A Crash is challenge wrongly considered. Discontinuous change in reality and social space. The changes are not evolutionary but have a discrete and revolutionary nature. The crash is knotted set of numbers, set of critical points in rapidly growing functions.

Numbering is the art of creating relations. The number is raw and at the same time flexible. A hacker is a friend of the Number, he plays with its potentiality, while inventing and forming events.

A Code is executable degeneration of a Number. The code is related to logic or languages of machines /defined as a set of inference rules or a set of instructions determining the operation of machine or a process performed by a code itself/.

The code has become substantia prima, the main narrative and architecture for the technologically controlled society as well as a device of capitalism /genetic code, protocol, law, security-code, code-cipher/. 

The code seems to be a basis of our discourses. The code determines the principles by which homo sapiens communicates, does business, wages wars, sets out the way of thinking and living. Such discourse offers simple explanations: e.g. allows to see the state as a machine which operates on the basis of code, which can be saved and executed, the people as objects at the mercy of code. 

At the same time, the code becomes a sort of discourse for the chosen ones. The code is intended to transmit information independently of the subjects. In reality, however, it becomes a reflection of mistakes, norms and values of encoding elite. The code as walls and doors of the prisons and corporations of the XXIst century. Condemned to prostrate to the Church of the Code-Capital. 

We live in the society of control, the code constitues a part of the numerical language of control. The society of control, populations governed by the access to appropriate knowledge and kept in the state of specific ignorance (the police of knowledge). You have to operate codes, to participate fully in modern life: access to the information, goods and services etc. /the code identification: body weight, blood pressure, database of genomes, social security number, driver's license, passport, bank account, tax identification number, IP address, phone number etc/

The obsession of security. What is the basis of security? Its absence. Permanently maintained insecurity and intensified fear allow to preserve power. Nothing needs to be secured, except the insecurity itself. 

Security is a fundamental principle of state and main criterion of political legitimization . Security vs. discipline and law as instruments of governance. On one side we have hard power structure based on discipline, differentiation and blockade, isolating power and closing the territories and on second side: security policy associated with globalization, intervening and controlling processes, the security associated with liberalism because security may only work in the context of transfer of persons and goods. 

The division proposed by Foucault and Agamben on the hard law and the dynamic activities of the security policy is an artificial assumption. These two areas are closely related, complementary and provide a medium each other, e.g. processes related to the commodification of human life forcing changes in security policy or law acts can be quickly changed by power elite. The increasing dynamism and complexity of social space and violent forms of bio-capital make this binary figure of thinking is inadequate.

We are seeing an increasing runway where we can no longer control of the phenomena, that is so rapidly increasing complexity of the problems that becomes almost uncomputable.

Disinformation and secrecy. The difference between the open and the secret implies a hierarchy, the first rule of power. On this difference, the structures called the state are being built. Panic simulation and disintegrated social spectacle causes, that terror becomes the interest of the modern state.

Security state is an engine of violence. Acts of terror and disaster are the lifeblood of political actions. That is why they are provoked and stimulated by the power elite. Security require constant reference to the state of emergency. The quest for security leads to a global worldwide war.

You have to change this way of thinking: reject the concept of security as a fundamental principle of state and test new models and constellations of power. The task of politics is understand of conditions that lead to terror and destruction, rather than control these phenomena, as already occurred. 

The terrorist act is a knot in which a large number of social processes intersects and explode . It is a kind of critical point in which the social combinatorial explosion emerge. This is not recursively describable phenomenon. 

Runaway. Combinatorial explosion is the rapid growth of search combinations for a small increase of some parameter of task. Explosion that is so rapidly increasing complexity of the problem that it becomes practically unpredictable, avalanche growing number of cases that can't be analyzed. 

Discontinuous change in reality and social space. The changes are not evolutionary but have a discontinuous and discrete nature. Knotted resemble streams and rapidly growing functions. 

Think about it, through what it implies. The key does not exist. The final decoding is impossible. 

Hack the mind crack of the brain. Open sources. Free data in acceleration, unformed elements, streams of particles heading towards the critical point. Free software is in the middle, in the constellation of elements. Constellation of flows that determine its way of being. 

7E7RAGRAMA7ON. The route through ideas. Real Idea: self-referential AI mind. Circulations and trajectories of crash agents. The game of disclosure and concealment. Plague and ecstasy. 

The Crash. The crash is an insight into the space between "number" and "life". It is also the act of death at the moment of the breakdown of the system, program or a organism . 

P3N7AGRAM7ON. Remove security protection. There is no hierarchy, there is no model for secure computing and secure society. Open number. The ability to generate and to start self-referential flow. 

The act of creation is a game, the act of fffun, the exposure of the flow. Art is the crash and a new critical view, which is in opposition to accepted social principles and rules sewn in institutions, corporations, etc. Art irritates, using the radical disturbances and accidents.

The power manipulates us, creates the illusion that otherwise can not to look at reality. Art is like permanent contestation of this illusion, to show where it is a hoax and to reach a more basic, pure and raw things.

Art is a guerilla, seeking new ways of thinking and transforming of the world. Art is against the 'knowledge' derived from universal social principles and mass media. Art gives quite different, more complex overall insight in reality. Art creates completely different knowledge, different view of human and reality. 

The art and the technology have no common ground. The science is in the ancillary position. Art cannot "spy on" scientific and technical results, because in this case it becomes a kind of empty activity.

Art touches something abstract and inhuman, which always goes beyond the manifestations such as objects, processes, events or institutions. 

Bio-exchange. The idea of "life" is considered to be included in the domain of technology, both for economic profits and for security reasons.

Bio-economy. Biotechnologic artifacts such as the database of the genome or the bio-chip are a special case of the configuration of knowledge production and bio-economy. These artifacts are a symptom of the commodification of life, as well as the disclosure of self-referential ways of thinking where "life" thinks about itself. 

Morphological transformation as a movement in two directions. Taking biological samples (hair, skin, blood), transforming them into a sequence of DNA data, and then into a record in database, and vice versa - downloading data and synthesis of new DNA sequence, just to implant it at the end as a "wet" sequences in the library of bacteria - such processes connect the implosion of creation and destruction. 

Meta-capital. Everything is partially interchangeable, as everything is connected. The relationship between the Capital and the Code becomes unsolvable. is every code a capital? Is all the capital a code? Life becomes a currency of the genetic code. The code provided for trade, works as a social marker, as a new form of capital. 

The fundamental problem is the relationship between "life" and "number". Is it possible to reduce life to numbers? Is it possible to reduce the whole of life to a series of algorithms? Is intelligence computable? 

Is "number" just a horizon of our thinking about "life"?

We live in the self-referential engine of consciousness, but the consciousness is more than the engine. The consciousness is everything to which we have access. 

We are attached to the idea that reality is coherent. The idea of coherence gives us unlimited power. If the world is coherent, you can build its model, you can understand it and the world becomes a code. However, after the results of Heisenberg, Gödel and Turing, such view on reality does not make sense. 

The world is not coherent. CRASH THE CORE. Every system is spontaneously heading towards the critical state. Life does not develop gradually, but abruptly, with short periods of stasis. Conflicts and disasters are natural, self-organizing phenomenas. Continuous iterations and mutations cause discontinuous effects. Necessity is the constellation of chance. 

Man is declining type. There is something "inhuman" at the basis of humanity. We are dancing on the edge of a knife. If the development of number processing technology develops exponentially, then we will have the opportunity of creating artificial intelligences trillions times greater than the intellectual capacity of the man.

For the first time in the history of the planet, homo sapiens will have the opportunity to meet the intelligence of a different and higher kind. Shortly after that, the era of human will end. 

CRASH. Creation and destruction. We are coming to the critical point, where we are sucked up by our destiny, to the point, where the escape speed increases rapidly to explode combinatorially. This is where we become both creators and destroyers. 

We will develop conscious AI mind and mind transfer technology. Self-reference is a key concept. We need new self-referential calculus and new set theory forms with self-reference. This will require the reformulation of the current concept of self.

Human is a change that means you are not a frozen entity but a process. People will connect with AIs for creating suprahuman extensions. The division between physical reality and synthetic reality will disappear. 

We will develop space-time vehicles that allow us to move freely in a cosmos. We will spread to the stars and connect with other species.

We will travel to other dimensions of existence. Intelligent life will become a main factor in the cosmos expansion.

Robert B. LISEK - Wroclaw 12th October 2008 & Sao Paulo, 11th August 2010