Laboratory for Computational Revolt

March 2006


In preparation. With FLOAT(starting with version 1.1) you could use various sources of data. Follow these steps and you are the maintainer of float database.

In the future we will make this step much more easier than now...


Step 0


A MySQL database server accessable over the internet.


Step 1

Formatting your data

in preparation.

Related files:


Step 2

Install database with table dump

Create a database on your server and download the MySQL dump to create the tables needed by flaot. In the admin table insert a new row with the value "pwd" for AdKey and a password in the AdValue field which uses the 'PASSWORD' function (i.e. in phpMyAdmin). You will need this password later.

Related files:


Step 3

Create a .fl file

in preparation.

Related files:


Step 4

Start float

Start float and when the open dialog appears select your newly created .txtkit file. This will connect you with your empty database.


Step 5

Enabling admin mode

If you want you could close now the floatbot Application (we don't need it for parsing). In the txtshell window type admin followed by your previously created password (for example: "admin t0mat0").


Step 6

Start the parsing

Copy your datae to your Desktop and type in the txtshell input followed by your filename (i.e.: "import mytext.txt". Now wait until your database on the server stops growing (look for the keywords table).


Step 7

Exit shell

Type exit.


Step 8

Start using your database

When starting float again be sure you select your .fl file. If you want you could send us this file to make it available to a larger audience.