oryginator and director of the project: Robert B. Lisek
coding: Szczepan Kuzniarz, Wiesiek Kuzniarz, Robert B. Lisek
curatorial consultant: Joasia Krysa
F-members: ANC, Luther, Na3r
Texts FACE 1.0: Robert B. Lisek


Includes and Libraries

  • http://mysql-shit.sourcefo...

MySQL Framework,
Cc Open Source, Baphomet Software (LLC)
Font Category for OpenGL
Connector/ MySQL


You can think of FACE as a web enabled system of exchange of concepts, laboratory where artists, curators and researchers can present work, enter into radical collaborative media experiments, and play with the meaning of media objects by creating, transforming the downloadedmedia objects, which are in a sense a 'source code' to work with.
We have worked to create an FACE License, and we expect all those who want to participate in FACE to know, respect and abide by it. By agreeing to the policy when signing up, the FUser declares that all the media files he or she uploads are declared free to view and modify
by other artists and specialists involved in FACE.


CEC Artslink
Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH